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Perfect Cold Brew Coffee, every time. This unique blend makes the perfect, most satisfying cup. Specifically blended for cold brew coffee. Contains no additives, nothing artificial, just 100% coffee. Cold brew coffee is a dark French roast and the grounds are very coarse.

1. Find an appropriate vessel for brewing your coffee. Anything from a French press to an iced tea pitcher will work just fine!

3. Begin with fresh coffee grounds and filtered water.

• Coffee should be ground on the coarsest setting.
• You will need a 1:8 ratio of coffee to water. (Ex. To make a quart, use 4 oz. of coffee to 32 oz. water.)

4. Place grounds into the container. Pour your coffee grounds directly into the bottom of your preferred brewing pot.

5. Pour the pre-measured, room temperature or colder water over the grounds.

6. Cover and steep in the refrigerator for 12-18 hours, keeping in mind that the longer you let it brew the stronger the coffee will be.

7. After preferred steep time, remove the filter and dispose of the coffee grounds. If you are using a brewing vessel that does not have a filter system it will be necessary to filter out the coffee grounds. Coffee filters used for regular brewed coffee work great!

8. Hooray, your cold brew coffee is ready! Be careful though, that coffee will have 2-3 times more caffeine than your regular cup of joe.


Morning rays gently warm your skin. As you drink your morning small batch roasted coffee by Royal Joe's.

The Royal Joe Promises
  1. Your coffee will always be ethically sourced!

  2. Your coffee will be Roasted-As-Ordered, what this means is your coffee is roasted only after order is placed.

  3. Your coffee will be roasted in a small batch of 20lbs or less.

  4. Your coffee we will be shipped same day it is roasted on whole bean and the day after on ground (Orders will be shipped, in the order in which we receive them).

  5. We promise that Royal Joe Roasters will always offer a wide variety of coffees for you to buy sourced from all around the world!

  6. We promise that 10% or more of the profit will go to a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization that is Christ-centered and furthering the lives of others.

Focused on QUALITY!

All of our coffee is specialty grade. All of our single origin coffee is 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee Beans. The only products that contains Specialty Grade Robusta coffee beans is our 6Bean blend, Cowboy Blend, Italian, French and Breakfast Blend+. The reason for this is for added caffeine and to improve the crème in those blends that have it. Green coffee is generally graded via visual inspection. This involves taking a 350g sample of green coffee beans and counting defective beans. Defects can be Primary (e.g. black beans, sour beans) or Secondary (e.g. broken beans). For a coffee to qualify as “specialty”, it must have zero Primary defects and less than five Secondary defects. We believe there is something to be said about roasting in smaller batches to ensure quality and consistency. Our coffee is roasted in less than 20lbs batches of coffee beans. It has been proven that by roasting coffee this way, it is easier to control the roasting process and to make sure that all of the coffee beans get a similar roast. Small batch roasting allows the beans to keep moving and to able to see most of the beans in the batch. When you pair Specialty Grade coffee and Small Batch Roasting this leads to a certain level of superior quality control that cannot be matched in larger batches.

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